Wal-Mart gets involved in food production…

This is interesting….A video published from Wal-Mart regarding sustainability.  “It is good business to be in the business of the environment and sustainability”, “customers shouldn’t have to pick between a product that is sustainable and a product they c
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Spraying Fungicides on Corn

If you are a hog operator, you know that feeding vomitoxin infected corn is a big problem. As we are now into that time of year, I thought this article about spraying fungicides on corn might be helpful.  This is why I talked last winter about using TwinLine on corn, or Quadris, Headl
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Soil Testing

There has been a great deal of concern lately about diminishing levels of potassium in our soil tests.  We recently came across an interesting article and thought you might find it as useful as we did. The article was written by Richard Keller, Editor of the Ag Professional and states
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